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Name Gulnaz Anjum
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D.
Contact Phone:+92 (51) 90644020 Fax: +92 (51) 2896012
E-mail: dr.gulnazanjum@nip.edu.pk
Postal Address National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University (New Campus) shahadra road (off main Murre road) Islamabad, (Pakistan) Post code 44000

Professional Interests

Expiremental Psychology, Social Psychology, Political Psychology, Economic Psychology, International Law, Research Methodology, Data Analysis, Interdisciplinar Research, Marketing Research

Teaching and Supervision


Level Course Title (Code) Session
No. of Students
M.Sc Research Methods In Psychology (PY-317). Spring, 2016
M.Sc Applied Statistics (PY-303). Spring, 2016


Peer reviewed journal articles (International)
  • Loughnan, S., Fernandez, S., Vaes, J., Anjum, G., Aziz, M., Harada, C., Holland, E., Puvia, E., Singh, I., & Tsuchiya, K. (in press). Sexual Objectification is common in Western, but not non-Western nations: A Seven Nation Study of Sexual Objectification. International Review of Social Psychology (in press).
Peer reviewed journal articles (National)
  • Urooj, A., Haque, A., & Anjum, G. (in press). Perception of emotional and sexual infidelity among married men and women. Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research (in press).
Conference Presentations (International)
  • Presented: “On becoming Honorable and Respecting Honor: An Experiment Based on Donation Task and Trust-Game with multiple Trustees.” At the 28th Annual Convention of Association for Psychological Science, May 21st - 24th, 2015 (New York City- USA).
  • Presented: “The Positive Side of Honor: Honor as an Intragroup Regulatory Process to Maintain Recognition Respect and Deter Negative Evaluations.” At the 16th Annual Convention of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology - February 26th - 28th, 2015 (Long Beach, California- USA).
  • Presented: “Retaining or Losing Entitlement to Honor Group Membership: An Empirical Investigation beyond Cultural Boundaries.” at the Meeting of European Association of Social Psychology-July 9th-12th, 2014 (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
  • Presented: “Our Politicized Image of Honor: When Processes of Honor are similar across Cultures!” at the Meeting of International Society for Political Psychology, July 4-7, 2014 (Rome, Italy).
  • Presented: “Honor: A Group Regulatory Process among Prestigious Groups for Maintaining or Losing Status” in 16th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes- June 26th-29th, 2014 (Castle Oppurg, Germany).
  • Presented: “Policy Implications of Contact among Pakistani Fulbright Students in the U.S” in International Max Planck Research School’s annual topics meeting at Erasmus University-October 15th-19th, 2012 (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).
  • Presented: “Entitlement to Honor Group: The process of retaining or losing honor” in International Max Planck Research School’s annual thesis meeting- February 25th - March 1st, 2013 (Castle Ringberg, Germany).
  • Presented: “Testing the Contact Hypothesis among Pakistani Fulbright Students in the U.S.” at the Meeting of International Society for Political Psychology, 2012 (Chicago, Illinois- USA).
  • Presented: “Soft-Power Groups” at the U.S. Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference, 2012: The Eclipse of the West? (Annapolis, Maryland- USA).
Conference Presentations (National)
  • Presented: “Youth's Opinion about United States viz a viz Proposals of Reparations to the Victims of U.S. Drone Strikes: A Survey from Islamabad and Peshawar, Pakistan”. At the 18th Sustainable Development Conference, December 7th - 10th 2015 (Islamabad, Pakistan).


  • Received doctoral fellowship from International Max Planck Institute (September, 2012-2015).
  • Received Fulbright scholarship from the State Department (U.S.A) for Research Masters at The New School, New York (August 2010- July 2012).
Grants and Awards
  • Max Planck Institute of Economics’ research project grant 2014 (Germany).
  • Friedrich Schiller University of Jena - travel grants 2012-2015 (Germany).
  • ProChance 2013: Program to Demand Equal Opportunities-Support by Material Resources (Germany).
  • ProChance 2014: Program to Demand Equal Opportunities - Support by Material Resources.
  • Fulbright - International Institute of Education’s travel grant (USA).
  • Talented Scholar Award from Higher Education Commission (Pakistan).
Invited Talks
  • Presented: “United Nations Endorsement & Support for Human Rights: An Experiment on Women’s Rights”. Selected Talk for IMPRS Topics Workshop, Maastricht University from September 29th 2015 (Maastricht, The Netherlands).
  • Presented: “How to Motivate Individuals for Donations' and sharing their Fortune? Evidence from Honor & Respect experiment”. Guest speaker at Behavioral Sciences School, Fatima Jinnah Women University- 10th December 2014 (FJWU- Rawalpindi, Pakistan).
  • Presented: “Women’s Rights: Empirical Investigation of Gender Based Inequality of Opportunities and Responsibilities”. Public Talk for Thüringen Feminism Movement, February 23rd, 2015 (Jena, Germany).
  • Presented: “Effect of High or Low In-group Status on Decision Choices based on Relational Models?” at Cologne Graduate School in Management, Economics and Social Sciences, September 30th, 2014 (Cologne, Germany).
  • Presented: “Effect of Uncertainty on Social Interactions” at ISCTE-University of Lisbon, August 29th, 2014 (Lisbon, Portugal).
Workshops and Summer Institutes
  • European Association of Social Psychology Summer School on “Social Identity, Influence and Deviance in Groups”- ISCTE-IUL -17-30th August 2014 - (Lisbon- Portugal).
  • Topic Workshop of International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) at Cologne Graduate School of Management and Economics - September 30- October 1, 2014 (Cologne, Germany).
  • Strategic Interaction Group of Max Planck Institute for History and the Sciences’ “Mini-Workshop on Experimental Economics - 21st – 22nd October 2014 (Jena, Germany).
  • The 8th International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) Uncertainty Summer School on Economics, Law and Psychology -14th July - 9th August 2014 (Jena, Germany).
  • 2014 Economic Strategic Interaction Workshop on Institutions, Games and Experiments at Max Planck Institute of Economics - 31st January - 3rd February 2014 (Jena, Germany).
  • The 7th International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) Uncertainty Workshop "Economics meets Psychology"- 22-25th September 2013 (Wroclaw, Poland).
  • The 7th IMPRS Uncertainty Summer School on Economics, Law and Psychology - 14th July - 9th August 2013 (Jena, Germany).
  • 15th Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes. “The puzzle of “me” and “I”: Individual and Collective Perspectives on Self and Identity” - 4-7th July 2013 (Oppurg, Germany).
  • Workshops on: ‘Creative Survey Design and Gamification’. ESOMAR Summer Academy - June 2013- (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
  • Workshops on: ‘Think like a Respondent’. ESOMAR Summer Academy - June 2013- (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).
  • Summer Academy of International Society of Political Psychology- 3-5th July 2012 (Chicago, IL, USA).
  • Workshop on Leadership Skills, Conflict Management, Negotiation Styles and Communication Skills; from United States Institute of Peace (USIP) - 2010 (Islamabad, Pakistan).
  • Workshop on ‘Self-awareness & Para-counseling Skills’ from NGO ROZAN-2009 (Islamabad, Pakistan).
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