NIP Alumni Association - Annual Dinner 2015


The 5th NIP Alumni Dinner was held at November 27, 2015 at the auditorium of Geophysics Department of Quaid-i-Azam University. The third Executive Board of Alumni Association organized the event that entailed biggest attendance ever. Around 230 guests marked their presence and declared it as one of the best alumni dinner held so far. Very interestingly, first time ever, 95% of the registration was already received before the date of dinner. That reflected the interest of alumni and current students in the event and a strong desire to re vitalize memories of NIP. The organization of the dinner including the stage decor, ambiance outside the auditorium, the entertainment program, and the food, was just incredible. It really provided the alumni, current students, and the faculty an opportunity to rejoice the achievements of the previous year and a wonderful platform of interaction.

This was the first mega event after the sad demise of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Pervez in October, a prolific alumni and Ex-Director of NIP, therefore, a condolence book was set up at the entrance of the auditorium. Many wrote their thoughts, praises, and memories of Dr. Pervez and strongly acknowledged that his death is a huge loss for NIP. Everybody missed him on the occasion.


The evening started at 4:30 p.m with Talawat-e-Quran. Following a Baba Ji (Ms. Saira Firdous, an alumnus) who went on about how simple times used to be in past when people just gathered over a cup of tea and now trends have changed where such events are organized to give opportunity to meet each other. Dr. Syed Sajjad Hussein (Vice-President) and Ms. Arooj Mujeeb (Member Executive Board) hosted the initial part of the evening.

Mr. Nabeel (alumnus and student of M.Phil III) read a beautiful poem written by him to mark the significance of occasion, followed a slideshow tribute for Prof. Dr. Muhammad Pervez. Everyone got overwhelmed and missed him as an important asset of the NIP family. Ms. Sadaf Rehman (student of M.Sc. III) introduced a newly established NIP Literature and Art Club (NIPLAC), a platform for the students to bring together literature and art enthusiasts. Ms. Mehr-un-Nisa (student of M.Sc. III) beautifully sung a parody song to add humour to the ongoing seriousness in the air.


Students of M.Phil III performed a mime very professionally on the life of a transgender that brought in tears in everyone’s eyes. This broke the ice in the berg and then there were range of skits that devoured the stage. Ms. Mehr-un-Nisa, Ms. Shafaq Hashmi, and Ms. Qudsia (students of M.Sc. III) took over the responsibilities on stage. Ms. Shafaq Hashmi and Ms. Qudsia presented the titles to the faculty that kept audience engaged during the skits.

Performers left no stone unturned to engulf audience in laughter and everything else seemed to be forgotten. A ramp walk of disorders performed by M.Sc. II mesmerized the audience. NIP News was shared by a group of M.Sc. I students shared their personal experiences and issues at NIP in a very lighter and comic way. Mr. Nabeel and Ms. Sanam (M.Phil III) took over stage responsibilities. They were occasionally interrupted by Ms. Hijab (M.Sc. II) by her silly jokes that really amused the audience.

A skit on research process based on student-supervisor interaction was humorously enacted by recently graduated M.Sc. students. Students from M.Sc. III humorously presented marketing class. Qawali about the “tragedies” encountered by NIP students was presented hilariously by another group of M.Sc. I students. A skit on effects of substance use was performed by students of MSc I, II, and III demonstrating causes and consequences of addiction for youth. Baba Ji kept giving appearances in between skits. Finally, Ms. Mehreen sung a beautiful song and concluded this segment of entertainment by students. To start with next segment of entertainment in which a singer was hired to perform for the evening, firstly Ms. Anum Abid (an alumnus) sung a song in her melodious voice and brought back the memories of NIP for her batch mates and contemporary students.


At the end of the entertainment part of the evening, President of NIP Alumni Association, Ms. Fatima Zehra delivered a speech on the achievements of the Alumni Association for the past year and shared the upcoming agenda for 2016. She appreciated and thanked all the participating students, members of the organizing committees, the Executive Board members, and NIP administration for their hard work in making the event rock. She also tanked Head of the Geophysics Department to avail the opportunity in organizing the dinner in their auditorium. Finally, photo session was held with all the participants of the event with Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal (Patron-in-Chief of the Association), Director NIP and the Executive Board. Afterwards, the evening progressed with a sumptuous dinner at 8.00 p.m. Ambiance was very royal, comfortable, and cozy in icy cold winter. Everyone enjoyed food that was appetizingly wonderful and lavish. At the end of the night, a sky lantern was lit and set forth with good wishes and prayers for upcoming days. It was a magnificent and a pleasant sight of the light drifting away into the night sky reminding that “It was a great evening”. Those who could not join us were really missed. Hope to see you next year, same days, same event, same platform.