Seminars at NIP

Child Protection and Welfare Bureau

Tuesday 23rd October, 2018

Mr. Ali Abid Naqvi from Child Protection and Welfare Bureau visited National Institute of psychology and delivered a lecture on “sensitization regarding preemptive measures and reporting child abuse”. While taking about the incidents of abuse on children who are working as domestic works he emphasize that there is a dire for legislation, so that rights of such children can be protected. He shared his experiences of working and rescuing children who are on streets and involved in begging and other activities. He empathized that it is responsibility of every citizen to report such cases by dialing the helpline that i.e. 1121 that responds 24 hrs. Moreover he shared with students the process of rehabilitation of rescued children where following all the legal procedures custody of child is taken and Bureau works for psychological rehabilitation of the child. He highlighted that Child protection Bureau has a proper system that works for both formal and informal education of the rescued child. He said that they are trying to provide a healthy environment to the rescued children so that they can become a productive member of the society. He encouraged students and faculty members to visit Bureau and work as a volunteer so that better intervention strategies could be designed and implemented for the welfare of rescued children.

Reported by: Ms. Saira Khan

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