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Name Dr. Aisha Zubair
Designation Lecturer
Qualification PhD
Contact Phone: +92(51)90644049 Fax: +92 (51) 2896012 e-mail: aishazubair@nip.edu.pk
Postal Address Room No. 105, National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University (New Campus) shahadra road (off main Murre road) Islamabad, (Pakistan) Post code 44000

Professional Interests

Social and Gender Related Issues, Positive psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Teaching and Supervision


Level Course Title (Code) Session
No. of Students
M.Sc Research Methods (PY-317) 2010-2012


M.Sc Research

Dissertation Title
Hina Samreen
Fall, 2010
Belief in personal control and death anxiety among police personnel
Nadia Hameed
Fall, 2010
Effect of photographic framing on perceptions of social protest
Sumra Arif
Fall, 2010
Innovative work behavior and communication climate among employees of
Advertising agencies
Amira Basharat
Fall, 2010
Psychological distress and coping strategies among families of missing persons

M.Sc Internship

1. Samavia Khalid
2. Maryam Riaz
3. Amna malik


Conference Presentations (International)
Paper Presented in 3rd International Congress on Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection organized by Department of Psychology, Padua University, Italy (28th - 31st July, 2010).
Conference Presentations (National)
1. Hameed, N., & Zubair, A. (2011). Effects of photographic framing on perceptions of social protest.
FWU Journal of Social Sciences, 5 (1), 73-87
2. Hassan, Z., Tahir, S., & Zubair, A. (2010). Relationship between affect intensity and personality
traits among university students. Pakistan Journal of Psychology, 41 (2), 59-74.
3. Siddiqua, M., Tahir, S., & Zubair, A. (2010). Emotional Problems in adolescents with mild
mental retardation. FWU Journal of Social Sciences, 4 (1), 63-72
4. Zubair, A., & Tahir, S. (2010). Students’ ahievement in individualistic, competitive, and
cooperative settings and their emotive perceptions for each setting. Pakistan Journal of
Clinical Psychology,9
(2), 23-36
5. Zubair, A. (2009). Development of scale for measuring attitudes of visually handicapped
towards community. Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research, 24 (3-4), 115-126.
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