Dr. Muhammad Ajmal
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Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Faculty Profile
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Name Rabia Muqtadir
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph.D. (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad), M.Phil (Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad)
Contact Phone: +92(51)90644022 Fax: +92 (51) 2896012 e-mail: rabia@nip.edu.pk
Postal Address National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University (New Campus) shahadra road (off main Murre road) Islamabad, (Pakistan) Post code 44000

Professional Interests

  • Organizational Psychology (job related attitudes, work family interference)
  • Educational Psychology (school community partnerships, bullying)
  • Psychology of religion (religious motivation, moral judgment and faith development)
  • Social psychology

Teaching and Supervision

  • Psychology of Communication (M.Sc Iv)
  • Human Resource Management (M.Sc III)
  • Social Psychology (M.Sc I)
  • Personality Psychology (M.SC I)
  • Leadership in Organizations (M.Sc III)
  • Education & Community (M.Sc III)

M.Sc Research Supervised
Dissertation Title Name Year
Relationship between religious orientation and optimism among muslim and Christian adults in paksitan Sana Younas 2015
Relationship between perceived physical attractiveness and peer relation among adolescents Afsana 2015
Relationship between parental school involvement, academic self efficacy, and academic motivation among secondary school children Mehreen 2015
Relationship between stress, coping and adjustment f university students Syeda Bushra 2015
Relationship between mindfulness and emotion regulation among university students Maryam Batool 2014
Role of organizational culture and social support in employees work life balance Sana Ihsan 2014
Influence of peer victimization and parenting styles on self-esteem of adolescents Amna Altaf 2014
Individual values as predictors of organizational commitment among bank employees. Shahidullah 2014
Individual variables as predictors of indecisiveness among University students. Rahat-Tun-Nisa 2014
Motivation of problematic and Non-Problematic online multiplayer gaming adolescents and young adults. Anowra Khan 2014
Relationship between bonding to god and Locus of control among Muslim and Christian adults in Pakistan. Annum Khan 2014
Comparison of perceived social support and quality of life in adults living with families and old-age home. Sara Khan 2014
Relationship between personality traits, work-family enrichment and life satisfaction among bank employees. Tahira Hameed Abbasi 2012
Perception of bullying in schools; Pakistan context. Nadeem, Farrukh 2011
Role of positive and negative affective states in relationship between work family conflict and burnout. Hafsa, Saba Zer Naz 2011
Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Marital Adjustment. Humaira Masood 2010
Comparison between Levels of Perceived Social Support given to Married Working Women of Nuclear & Joint Family. Khaizran Iftekhar 2010
Identity Level of Stress and Lack of Social Support in the Children of Learning Disability. Qurrat-ul-Ain Tariq 2009
Religious orientation and locus of control among Madrassa and university students. Syeda Tafseer Zahra 2007
Effects of portrayal of smoking in movies on adolescents attitudes. Syeda Amna Saleem 2007
Role of training motivation and self-efficacy on effectiveness of training. Sidrah Shafeeq 2007
Impact of gender stereotypes on the selection of women as a manager. Siddrah Irfan 2007
Religious orientation and locus of control among Madrassa and university students. Syeda Tafseer Zahra 2007
Difference in perceptions about marital rape and non marital rape situations among university students. Mudassar Aziz 2007
Difference in perceptions about marital rape and non marital rape situations among university students. Mudassar Aziz 2007
Perception of nurturant fathering and father involvement among young adults. Faiza Sadaf Ali 2007
Relationship between work values and job satisfaction of private and government school teachers. Taghreed Murrawat 2006
Gender Differences in Transformational and transactional leadership and decision making styles among university teachers. Sadaf Zahra 2006
Relationship between gender role orientation and job satisfaction of employees in traditional and non-traditional occupations. Nasreen Akhtar 2006
Emotional development of children of mothers with depression and without depression. Iffat Nazir 2006
Relationship between stress and locus of control among private school teachers. Jasia Sajjad 2005
Comparison of aggressive behavior between mild mentally retarded and normal children. Hina Rafique Butt 2005
Perception of Students and political parties representatives about political leadership. Asma Nazir 2006
Rules Differentiation ability among Pakistani adolescents. Tayyaba Shereen 2005
Relationship between religious orientation and personal meaning of Muslim university students. Safia Janjua 2005
Relationship between political tactics and impression management in private organizations Aasifa Imtiaz 2005
Relationship of romantic jealousy and self-esteem among married couples. Ziauddin 2004
Emotional intelligence and academic achievement among university students. Romana Sehar Akram 2004
Exploring self-actualization among managers. Nida Fatima Zaidi 2004
Relationship between internet addiction and depression Madeeha Ali  



Paper Publications
  • “Online Gaming in Pakistan: Demographic Characteristics and GamingPreferences” (Anowra Khan & Rabia Muqtadir) Paper Published in International Journal of Case Studies Volume 3, Issue 6-2014 ISSN (2305-509X) Impact Factor 3.582
  • “Problematic online Gaming in Pakistan” (Anowra Khan & Rabia Muqtadir) Paper Published in International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) ISSN (Online): 2319-7064 Impact Factor (2012): 3.358
  • “Religious Orientation and Locus of Control among Madrassa and University Students”(Syeda Tafseer Zahra& Rabia Muqtadir). Paper Published in Pakistan Journal of Psychology, Vol.42. No.1.June 2011.
  • Muqtadir, R. & Waqar, S. (2013). Work-Family Conflict and Coping Strategies among Employed Men and Women. In McCarthy, Jaafar, Kamal & Zubair , Psychology at Work in Asia: Proceeds of the 3rd and 4th Asian Psychological Association Conferences and the 4th International Conference on Organizational Psychology : Cambridge Scholars Publishing Tyne, UK

Paper Presentations
  • Individual Variables as Predictors of Indecisiveness among University Students (Rahat-Un-Nisa and Rabia Muqtadir )Paper presented at International Conference
  • Work-Life Conflict and Coping Strategies among employed personnel (Rabia Muqtadir, Shaista Waqar) paper Presented at International Conference on Industrial/Organizational Psychology (19th April, 2012) organized by National Institute of Psychology, Quiad-i-Azam University, Islamabad.
  • “Gender Differences in Transformational and Transactional Leadership and decision making styles Among University Teachers” (Sadaf Zehra & Rabia Muqtadir); Paper presented at 1st Annual International Business Psychology Conference , Institute of Business Managmnet (IoBM), Karachi (2010)
  • “Religious Orientation of Adolescents & Young Adults” (Rabia Muqtadir & Seema Pervez) Paper presented at International Conference on Terrorism & Exterism: Social-Psychological Perspective (15th -17th Oct, 2008)
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