Dr. Muhammad Ajmal
Centre of Excellence

Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan

Faculty Profile
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Name Sara Imtiaz
Designation Lecturer
Qualification M.Phil
Contact Phone: +92(51)90644153 Fax: +92 (51) 2896012 e-mail: sara@nip.edu.pk
Postal Address National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University (New Campus) shahadra road (off main Murre road) Islamabad, (Pakistan) Post code 44000

Professional Interests

  • Social Psychology
  • I/O Psychology
  • Data Analysis

Teaching and Supervision


Level Course Title (Code) Session
M.Sc Applied Statistics (PY 303)  
M.Sc Research Methods (PY 317)  
M.Sc Human Resource Management (PY 402)  

Supervision M.Sc

Thesis Title Name Year
Thought Suppression and Sleep Quality as Predictors of Cognitive Failure among Adults Anum Zafer Raja In Process
Emotional Maturity and Social Competence as predictors of Academic Achievement among working and nonworking students Sumrah Khadija In Process
Narcissism and Aggression among Social Media Users: Fear of Missing out as a Moderator Iqra Akmal Malik In Process
Peer Rejection as a Risk Factor for Maladaptive Schemas and Self-defeating Interpersonal Style among Adults Anum Tahir In Process
Perceived Organizational Politics Organizational Justice and Job Stress among Hotel employees Abeer e Zahra Jafri In Process
Need for Social Support and Body Dissatisfaction among University Students Tayyaba Naz Submitted for Viva
Mediating Role of Demoralization Between Peer Victimization and Academic Achievement among Adolescents Verona Submitted for Viva

Emotional Expressivity and Marital Satisfaction among Married Individuals

Madiha Mushtaq Submitted for Viva

Mediating Role of Mindfulness between Emotional Regulation and Burnout among Medical Students

Sumra Aslam Submitted for Viva
  Sumayya Khalid 2017
Thinking Styles and emotional Intelligence among University Students: Gender as a Moderator Nida Saleem 2017
Consultant’s Empathy, Coping and Prenatal Anxiety among pregnant Women Arifa Gillani 2017
Terrorism catastrophizing and social support among university students Namroz 2016
Role of mastery Approach goals, class related enjoyment and boredom on self-regulated learning among matric and intermediate students Hifza Qayyum 2016
Perfectionism and Rumination as predictors of working and nonworking women Farwa Rahat 2016
Hedonic consumer motivation and mindfulness as predictors of compulsive buying among Kashmala Shakeel 2016


Research Publications
  • Paper Titled “Rumination, Optimism, and Psychological Well-Being among the Elderly: Self-Compassion as a Predictor” was published by Journal of Behavioural Sciences in 2016.
  • Paper Titled “Parental Attachment and Identity Styles among Adolescents: Moderating Role of Gender” was published by Pakistan Journal of Psychlogical Research in 2012.

Conference Papers/Posters
  • Presented Paper Titled exploring “Informational, Normative, Diffuse-Avoidant Identity Styles and Commitments in relation to parental attachment among college/university students” in First International Conference on Emerging Trends in Psychology, in 2011.
  • Presented a Poster titled “Causes and Prevalence of Suicide among Children and Adolescents” in International Conference on Developmental Psychopathology, in 2009.
  • Attended various national and international conferences organized by National Institute of Psychology, University of the Punjab, and Government College University in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.


Conferences/Workshops Attended

Title of Conference Organizing Institute Year

Advances in Mediation, Moderation & SEM (Level-II)

  2017 National
Modern Methods of Mediation, Moderation & Model Testing: Advances in SEM   2017 National
6th International Conference on Psychology of Gender in Perspective: Issues and Challenges National Institute of Psychology 2016 International
Moderation and Mediation though PROCESS Macro   2016 National
Cognitive Behavior Therapy   2016 National
International Conference on Educational Psychology   2012 National
Moderation vs. Mediation: Analysis and Interpretations   2011 National

Workshops Conducted as Resource Person

Title of Workshop Organizing Institute Date and Year
Stress Management Nov-2017 National
Stengthening Self: Building Self-compassion 2016 National
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