To solemnize the International Women's Day, NIP arranged a talk with the ex. Executive Director, Lok Virsa Islamabad Dr. Fouzia Saeed on 5th March, 2018. The title of this talk was ‘Cultural Context of Sexual Harassment: Lessons Learnt and Future Directions’ keeping in view Dr. Saeed’s dynamic profile as a renowned social activist, gender expert, trainer/facilitator, development manager, folk culture promoter, and author. Specifically, Dr. Saeed was requested to talk on women issues, research methodologies and her work in field of women and human rights because of having worked for decades on women's issues, especially those linked to violence against women, prostitution and women in the entertainment business, women’s mobility and sexual harassment.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Fouzia Saeed shed light on sexual harassment issues faced by women and the anti-sexual harassment law for the protection of women at workplaces. She also talked about different qualitative research methodologies that can be used for addressing issues like rape, prostitution, sexual assault, and sexual harassment etc. through research. Additionally, she enlightened the audience about the importance of raising one’s voice and how to become a responsible member of the society/community.

Reported by: Ms. Nida Jamshed