COVID-19 Newsletter

The whole world is going through such a challenging time that mankind has rarely faced earlier. Where the pandemic of Coronavirus has paralysed the world, socially and economically, it has also shed its implications on psychological domain of every single individual. National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University has initiated an effort to contribute its knowledge and expertise for the well-being of general population. We have decided to initiate a series of NIP Newsletter and invite all the dedicated psychologists across country to share their knowledge and expertise in helping people deal with their psychosocial problems. We have decided to publish special issues of Newsletter, on monthly basis, regarding psychological help in dealing with this pandemic. We also invite all the dedicated psychologists and people who are working in social service sector to join us in this cause and share their knowledge and expertise through our forum.

COVID-19 Special Issue No.2, 2020 (Online Edition)

COVID-19 Special Issue No.1, 2020 (Online Edition)



Prof. Dr. Anila Kamal

Editor: Dr. Imran Bukhari
Computer Assistance: Mr. Fahad Mukhtar