National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Ajmal

Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

PhD Thesis

List of Ph.D Dissertations

1Sofia Tabassum CheemaRomantic relations, psychological well-being, and social hopelessness in adolescence; role of social support and attributional stylesDr. Jamil A. Malik2022
2Toor, Hafsa KhalilEarly executive function of preschoolers: Role of maternal, paternal and teaches’ mental state talk and quality of parentingDr. Rubina Hanif2022
3Aziz ud Din, SyedBereavement and post-traumatic growth: The role of religious coping, cognitive processes and social supportDr. Anis ul Haque2022
4Siddique, Meh ParaImpact of schema modes on dysfunctional and adaptive attitudes among young adultsDr. Rubina Hanif2022
5Huda, SadiaAttitudes, factors, and attribution of responsibility for honour killingDr. Anila Kamal2022
6Saira khanRole of personality disorders in prediction of Achenbach system of empirically based assessment of problem behaviors among adultDr. Anila Kamal2021
7Asma MuneerPsychosocial antecedents and outcomes of morality in adolescenceDr. Jamil A. Malik2021
8Yusuf, ShaziaAnger and depression among chronically ill patients: Exploration of risk and protective factors for wellbeing and quality of life.Dr. RubinaHanif2021
9Muneer, AishaRumination as interplay between dispositional antecedents and situational processing: Exploring self-regulatory executive function (S-REF) ModelDr. Jamil A. Malik2021
10Kalsoom, SaimaMultitasking, gender role attitudes, emotional intelligence, and marital adjustment of married men and womenDr. Anila Kamal2021
11Batool, NadiaPersonality traits and organizational culture as determinants of positive mental health: A longitudinal studyDr. Rubina Hanif2021
12Fahd, SamarPsychological flourishing of married individuals: Role of communal orientation, emotional expressivity and emotional regulationDr. RubinaHanif2020
13Musharraf, SadiaImpact of emotional labor On family quality of life Among customer service Providers: Role of emotionalIntelligence.Dr. Anis-ul-Haque/ Dr. Sheri Bauman2020
14Akhter, NoreenEmotional labor, employees’ affective states and job satisfaction: Role of supervisory supportDr. AnisulHaque2019
15Bashir, AneezaAntecedents and outcomes of workplace bullying in Pakistani organizationsDr. RubinaHanif2019
16Bukhari, Syed Muhammad ImranImpact of organizational support, leadership and personality on work outcomes: Moderating role of perceived organizational politicsDr. Anila Kamal2019
17Manzoor, AishaWork-related outcomes of perceived authentic leadership in the context of organizational structuresDr. Anila Kamal2019
18Sabih, FazailaParenting practices and behavioral problems among adolescents having parents with psychopathology: Adolescents’ coping and effortful control as moderatorsDr. AnisulHaque2018
19Laila, UmeThe role of personality dimensions and burnout among human service professionals: Examining job demands and resources modelDr. RubinaHanif2018
20Chughtai, NaeemAslamUnderstanding trauma and growth in an integrative psychosocial framework among flood affected individualsDr. Anila Kamal2018
21Irfan, Shahid.Extremism tendencies, personality traits, social axioms, and gender role beliefs among young adults.Dr. Anila Kamal2017
22Mushtaq, Asia.Reducing aggression in children through a school-based coping power program.Dr. Naeem Tariq/ Dr. John E. Lochman2017
23Naqvi, Irum.Eating attitudes and beliefs in food myths among adolescents.Dr. Anila Kamal2017
24Rauf, NelofarKiran.Child characteristics, coping and stress in parents of children with autism.Dr. AnisulHaque2017
25Rehna, Tasnim.Adverse life events and adolescents’ emotional and behavioral problems: Cognitive factors and personality traits as moderators.Dr. RubinaHanif2017
26Haider, SalmanInterplay of national, religious, and regional identities: A study of college and madrasah students of BaltistanDr. M. AsirAjmal/ Dr.Anis-ul-Haque2016
27Inam, AyeshaEffectiveness of preschool paths (prooting alternative thinking strategies) curriculum to enhance social-emotional competenceDr.Naeem Tariq2016
28Salik, RemonaPsychological well-being, self-concept, and marital satisfaction among pre-, peri-, and postmenopausal womenDr. Anila Kamal2016
29Aziz, SaadiaPositive and negative outcomes of active and passive procrastination among Pakistani adolescents.Dr.Naeem Tariq2016
30Khanum, SaeedaNon-symbolic and symbolic numerical cognition: A cross-cultural perspective.Dr.RubinaHanimf2016
31Anwar, MomnaRelationship of academic optimism with school climate, dispositional optimism, job satisfaction, and commitment among female primary school teachers.Dr.AnisulHaque2016
32Ghous, Rabia.Work family conflict and its work and non-work outcomes: Moderating role of gender and social support.Dr. AnisulHaque2015
33Fayyaz, Waseem.Conditions, contest, and outcomes of practicing veil (Hijab) among Pakistan women.Dr. Anila Kamal2015
34Waqar, Shaista.Career beliefs, personality and career success: An investigation of direct and indirect effects.Dr.RubinaHanif2015
35Nawaz, SumbalRole of language interaction in children’s theory of mind among preschoolers. Dr.RubinaHanif/ Dr. Charlie Lewis2015
36Zaman, SahiraWork-family interface, marital adjustment and job performance among dual earners: The moderating role of personality and role salience. Dr.AnisulHaque2015
37Adil, Adnan.Impact of psychological capital on work attitudes, intentions, and behaviors among university teachers. Dr. Anila Kamal2015
38Batool, SadiaComparison of Hafiz and non-Hafiz adolescents on memory, intelligence and personality traits.Dr. NighatGilani2014
39Muneer, SadafBintePsychosocial determinants of marital quality among married couples.Dr. RubinaHanif2014
40Ambreen, SaimaWechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV): Adaptation, translation, and standardization in Pakistan.Dr. Anila Kamal2014
41Iqbal, NaziaRole of adult attachment, conflict resolution, communication competence and social support in marital satisfaction among couples.Dr. Anila Kamal2013
42Loona, Mamoona IsmailPsychosocial functioning of children with disruptive behavior disorders.Dr. Anila Kamal2013
43Shujaat, RehanaDevelopment and Validation of personality traits assessment scale for cadre and ex-cadre civil service executives.Dr. Anila Kamal2013
44Zahid, GulnazImpact of Perceived school climate upon student outcomes: Differential roles of mediating variables.Dr. AnisulHaque2013
45Jami, HumairaAttitude towards hijras and their reciprocal perceptions.Dr. Anila Kamal2012
46Malik, Tamkeen AshrafEffective of parent training program for treating disruptive behavior associated with ADHD.Dr. Naeem Tariq/ Dr. Andrea Chronis-Tuscano2012
47Batool, IffatVerbalizing-visualizing cognitive styles and use of imagery in university students.Dr. Muhammad Pervez2011
48Maqsood, Aneela.Work environment, burnout, organizational commitment, and role of personal variables as moderators.Dr. GhazalaNaheedFarooqi/ Dr. RubinaHanif2011
49Siddiqui, ShakiraHumaModerating role of positive religious coping, engagement coping, and perceived availability of social support in stress-distress relationship among chronically-ill patients.Dr. AnisulHaque2011
50Tariq, SadafIdentity styles, causality orientations and psychological well-being among adolescents: A cross-cultural comparison.Dr. RubinaHanif2011
51Bukhari, SaminaComorbidity of depression and anxiety with functional impairment in children and adolescents with low academic achievement.Dr. Anila Kamal2010
52Kiani, Shoaib.Personality and vocational interests in high school students.Dr. Muhammad Pervez2010
53Malik, NajmaIqbal.Identification of slow learners in mainstream schools: Assessment of their developmental skills and academic interventions.Dr. GhazalaNaheedFarooqi/ Dr. RubinaHanif2010
54Malik, Samia NawazParental and peer influence on career decision making self-efficacy of youth and its relationship with their identity development.Dr. NighatGilani2010
55Saeed, Iffat.Daily stressors, coping strategies and adjustment of adolescents.Dr.NighatGilani2010
56Shamama-Tus-Sabah, Syeda.Chaos at home and its relationship with cognitive ability and socioemotional adjustment of school children.Dr.NighatGilani2010
57Nadeem, Masood.Primary school education and children’s understanding of science concepts regarding moon phenomenon in their cultural context.Dr. Muhammad Pervez2009
58Iqbal, Zafar.Impact of maternal depression on psychological development of infants.Dr.Naeem Tariq2008
59Khan, RizwanaAlam.Development and validation of self-report measure of emotional intelligence for heart patients and healthy individuals.Dr. Anila Kamal2008
60Tallat, Ghazala.The impact of downward and upward social comparison on the perceived quality of marital relationship satisfaction.Dr. Anila Kamal2008
61Tayyab, Saadia.Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational commitment in Pakistan. Dr. Muhammad Pervez/ Dr.MahNazirRiaz2006
62Anwar, Muhammad.The Impact of Psychological attributes of television commercials on consumer purchase decision.Dr.Seema Pervez2004
63Ashraf, Shazia.Development and validation of the Emotional Empathy Scale (EES) and the dispositional predictor and potential outcomes of emotional empathy.Dr.Naeem Tariq2004
64Hanif, Rubina.Teacher stress, job performance and self efficacy of women school teachers.Dr.Seema Pervez2004
65Khalid, Shazia.Development and validation of the index of personal growth (IPG) and the familial and dispositional predictors of personal growth. .Dr.Naeem Tariq2004
66Deeba, Farah.Home Environment and parental acceptance-rejection and authoritarianism child abuse. Dr.GhazalaNaheedFarooqi/ Dr.Ashiq Ali Shah2001
67Gardezi, AshfaqHussain.Development and standardization of an indigenous nonverbal test of intelligence. Dr.MahNazirRiaz2001
68Hussain, Syed Sajjad.Development validation and standardization of a group verbal intelligence test in Urdu for adolescents. Dr.MahNazirRiaz2001
69Ahmad, Iftikhar.A study of teachers’ efficacy beliefs and their motivational characteristics.Dr. Muhammad Pervez2000
70Naheed, SayedaRiffat.Neuropsychopathology and role of family support in improvement of the stroke patient.Dr.GhazalaNaheedFarooqi/ Dr.Ashiq Ali Shah2000
71Rifai, Farida.Development and validation of a Self-Esteem Scale.Dr.Naeem Tariq1999
72Anila.Sexual Harassment at workplaces and coping strategies employed by women.Dr.Naeem Tariq1998
73Akhtar, Tanvir.A comparative psychological profile of political, organizational, and military leadership in Pakistan.Dr. Muhammad Pervez1997
74Farooqi, GhazalaNaheed.Pattern of responses of psychotic and normal females on Rorschach.Dr.Ashiq Ali Shah1993
75Pervez, Mohammad.Concrete operational thought as a construct and its relevance to school education in Pakistan.Dr. Muhammad Ajmal1992
76Pervez, Seema.The role of play in the development of preschool children.Dr.ZafarAfaq Ansari1992
77Siddiqui, Salma.The assessment of attributional styles of depressives and non-depressives through an indigenously developed Depression Scale.Dr.Ashiq Ali Shah1992
78 Tariq, PervaizNaeem.A comparative psychological profile of professional and non-professional criminals in Pakistan.Dr.ZafarAfaq Ansari1991