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Dr. Muhammad Ajmal

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PhD Program

At National Institute of Psychology, admission to PhD programme is made on competitive basis. This is in accordance with the rules and direction of Higher Education Commission (HEC Pakistan) and the quality assurances measure at National Institute of Psychology. The minimum period for completion of PhD programme is three years whereas the maximum period is seven years. Only under exceptional circumstances, to be described in detail by the candidate and supported by the supervisor, the research board may allow extension beyond seven years.

MPhil Program

MPhil at National institute of Psychology is a two year degree. It aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the discipline of psychology and provides quality education to students. The students are trained for high quality, socially relevant and cutting-edge education in the field of psychology. We offer research in different areas of psychology. 

MSc Program


BS Program

National Institute of Psychology offers a four years BS in Psychology. The BS degree program focuses on the holistic development of learners and endorses a well-rounded curriculum. National institute of Psychology is considered among the top institutes for its BS degree program in Psychology. Following are the details of the undergraduate degree program offered at NIP.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial & Organizational Psychology

In an increasingly competitive work environment, the task of management has become more complex. If one wants to make an impact on the productivity of an individual or the organization, one must build on human capital. Dr. Muhammad Ajmal National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University is offering a unique opportunity in the form of Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The uniqueness of this program lies in its practical approach towards individual as well as organizational development. The courses in this regard are designed especially in a non-traditional manner, to develop those skills in the individuals that make them effective employees, leaders/managers or entrepreneurs.

Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology

Many students do not opt for post graduate studies instead prefer to get a diploma certificate to start their professional career. Clinical psychology has a vast scope in this respect. A rise in mental health issues and disturbances enhanced the awareness and need of psychologists. Therefore Clinical psychology diploma can be a great initiative for the growth of National Institute of Psychology and for the promotion of university as well. The field has a big demand of expertise and there are scores of students who look for such diploma courses to enroll in after they have studied Psychology at Masters Level. 


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