National Institute of Psychology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

Dr. Muhammad Ajmal

Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad

National Institute of Psychology (NIP), Center of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University is very keen in providing opportunities for skills development and out-of-classroom trainings. Since its inception, high quality workshops and seminars have been organized. Student at NIP and students and professional from other organizations can take part in these activities to enhance their skills and employability. 
Training and Awareness Workshops are used to explore a specific topic, to transfer knowledge, to solve identified problems, or to create something new. In funded research projects and other research endeavors, workshops are the mechanism used to gather the wider project, community, or interested people together around a particular topic.

Title Dates Presenter Workshop Photo Gallery
4-days training workshop on "Hum Sath Hain: Drug Prevention in Schools, Life Skill Training." 10-13 Jan. 2024 Ms. Lubna Ghani Hayauddin (International Master Trainer) and Prof. Tasnim Akhtar (Master Trainer).
Inaugural Third Series of USEFP Project Training Workshops with Students & Closing Ceremony 19-21 Oct. 2022 Faculty of NIP
Inauguration of Second Series of Workshops for Parents and Teachers through USEFP Project 28-30 Sept. 2022 Faculty of NIP
Inauguration of Series of Workshops for Students, Parents, and Teachers for Countering Violence in Public Universities through USEFP Project 8-10 Sept. 2022 Faculty of NIP
Managing Trauma through Emotional Freedom Technique 1st Sept. 2022 Dr. Anila Sadaf, HOD of Dept. of Applied Psychology, NUML University, Rawalpindi Campus
IFAD-Mapping – A Mindfulness-Based Intervention to Promote Self-Regulation Among Clinicians and Other Frontline Workers 21st July 2022 Luke Felczak, Expressive Arts Therapist, Vancouver, Canada
Art and Play Therapy for Trauma Treatment in Children 19th July 2022 Dr. Uzma Masroor
Anger Management Among Victims of Trauma Abuse and Violence 4th July 2022 Dr. Aisha Zubair
Tap into the power of Emotions: Secret to success at work and beyond 23rd June, 2022 Dr. Sobia Masood
Personality Disorders Examination: Assessment and Diagnosis Through DSM-V 31st May 2022 Dr. Saira Khan
Experiencing Autotelism: going beyond boredom and anxiety 19th May 2022 Dr. Aisha Zubair
Referencing and Result Writing Through APA-VII 15th April 2022 Dr. Irum Naqvi
Skills Training for Children with Behavior Disorder 30th March 2022 Ms. Sadaf Arif
Eidetic Therapy-Level 1 17th -20th November, 2021 Dr. Akhtar Ali Syed
Understanding Addiction: Assessment and Intervention Module 1 5th -7th November, 2021 Dr. Jamil A. Malik and Dr. Naeem Aslam
Training workshop on Test Construction for the officers of PAF Sept. 13-17, 2021 Faculty of NIP
Training workshop on Soft Skills for the officers of PAF July 27-30, 2021 Faculty of NIP
Focus Group Discussion: A Qualitative Research Method November 25-27, 2020 Prof. Dr. Seema Pervez (Retd.)
Designing Sensitive Research January 20, 2020 Parveen Azam Ali
Rising Anxiety and Depression: Addressing Research Students’ Concerns March 6, 2019 Lisa Cherry and Saffina Ellahi (UK)