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Dr. Muhammad Ajmal

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National Institute of Psychology is a research organization. A vast amount of research is generated by its students very year. Research monographs is series that provides a shorter, refined version of research for easy reference.


Socio-Psychological Aspects of Crime in Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-1

Pervaiz Naeem Tariq & Naeem Durrani

1983: 133pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-01-1
Price: Rs.500

Crime exists in reaction to acceptable norms and practices. Society forebears occurrence of crime. This research monograph highlights the particular social, cultural, and economical precedents of criminal behavior in Pakistan

Study Habits and Attitudes of Students

Psychological Research Monograph-2

Z. A. Ansari

1983: 48pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-02-3
Price: Rs.500

This monograph identifies the elements that outline the various facets of educational assessment. It guides educationists about methods of formal and informal assessment of a child’s academic ability and mastery of academic content.


Personality Dynamics of Pakistani Children

Psychological Research Monograph-3

Seema Pervez

1984: 43pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-05-8
Price: Rs.500

This monograph aimed at understanding the dynamics of personality of Pakistani children. Child’s problems in feeding, his reaction when left alone, and his perception of himself as a member of his peer group were the main situation where the child’s apperceptions were analyzed.

Video Games in Pakistan: A Psychologial Perspective

Psychological Research Monograph-4

Mohammad Pervez

1988: 65pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-04
Price: Rs.500

Every child requires certain amount of stimulation form his or her environment for enhanced cognitive development. This research monograph presents an in-depth analysis of the impact that video games can have on the development of young children.


Muslim Contribution to Psychotherapy and Other Essays

Psychological Research Monograph-5

Muhammad Ajmal

1986: 78pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-08-2
Price: Rs.500

This monograph is an interesting summary of the psychological content in Islamic thought and philosophy. It brings out the humanistic aspect of the sufi writings and how they define and classify the normal and pathological human characteristics.

Evaluation of Field-Based Teachers’ Training Programme in the Northern Areas of Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-6

Shaheen Chowdhri & Sohail Abbas

1987: 89pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-09-0
Price: Rs.500

This report evaluates a field-based teacher training programme of Agha Khan Education Foundation. It catered to observation of teacher’s behavior in class room, children’s behavior in classroom, background and perception of teachers, and physical conditions of the class room.


A Study of Female Crime in Rural and Urban Areas of Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-7

Pervaiz Naeem Tariq

1987: 136pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-10-4
Price: Rs.500

This monograph attempts to unearth important sociological factors like why do women commit crimes, what are the kinds of crimes committed by women and their flight in prisons.

Analysis of Mass Media Appealing to Women

Psychological Research Monograph-8

Seema Pervez

1984: 151pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-11-2
Price: Rs.500

This monograph contains a content analysis of the part of media which appeals to the urban middle class women of Pakistan. Additionally, it discusses the images of women portrayed in Pakistani media. An interesting read for students of media and gender related studies.


Cognitive Development in Primary School Children of Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-9

Mohammad Pervez & Naeem Durrani

1989: 127pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-13-9
Price: Rs.500

This research monograph attempts to describe the important facets of cognitive development of children studying in primary level of education. The report includes the method for development of a task battery to check the cognitive development of children.

A Comparative Psychological Profile of Professional and Non-Professional Criminals in Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-10

Pervaiz Naeem Tariq

1984: 151pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-21-10
Price: Rs.1000

This study highlights the differences in the psyche’ of the professional and the non-professional criminals. It discusses important factors like type of crime, past criminal record, relationship with victim, premeditation, and criminal associations as strong forecaster for criminal behaviors.


The Role of Play in the Development of Preschool Children

Psychological Research Monograph-11

Seema Pervez

1992: 124pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-22-8
Price: Rs.1000

This research was conducted to analyze the function of recreational activities on the development of small children. Early cognitive stimulation was correlated with initiative taking, complex thinking, sharing, helping behaviors, fantasy, communication, and perseverance.

Concrete Operational Thought as a Construct and its Relevance to School Education in Pakistan

Psychological Research Monograph-12

Mohammad Pervez

1992: 259pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-22-0
Price: Rs.1000

This research monograph is based on research conducted to understand the concept of concrete operational thought that forms a major factor of Piaget theory and understands its implication and its manifestation for an indigenous sample.


The Assessment of Attributional Styles of Depressives and Non-Depressives Through an Indigenously Developed Depression Scale

Psychological Research Monograph-13

Salma Siddiqui

2010: 143pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-33-4
Price: Rs.1000

This study investigated the nature of attributional style and its relationship with depression. The present work is an attempt to understand the culture-specific aspects of depression in relation to attributional style. This research work is first of its kind with reference to Pakistan.

Patterns of Responses of Psychotic and Normal Females on Rorschach

Psychological Research Monograph-14

Ghazala Naheed Farooqi

2010: 222pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-34-1
Price: Rs.1000

This study was conducted to determine the pattern of responses of psychotic depressive, schizophrenic and normal females on Rorschach. The study also aimed at testing the discriminant valid8ity of the Rorschach in classifying psychotic depressive, schizophrenic and normal females on critical and distinguishing categories of Rorschach.


Sexual Harassment at Workplaces and Coping Strategies Employed by Women

Psychological Research Monograph-16

Anila Kamal

2010: 189pp.
ISBN: 969-8022-36-5
Price: Rs. 1000

This research monograph investigated women’s experiences of sexual harassment at the workplaces, its effects on harassed female workers and the coping strategies employed by them. This research is the first of its kind in the country, has planned to probe into sexual harassment at the workplace with a focal interest to know the frequency of sexual harassment and coping strategies women use to counter it.